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TSP Phosphate free

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Specifications & Directions

TSP Phosphate free

TSP Phosphate free is a water based biodegradable degreaser used to thoroughly clean a bare or painted surface prior to applying paint. Highly efficient, TSP removes oil, grease, fingerprints, stains and other contaminants which will improve the adherence and look of subsequent coatings. Safe to use on all surfaces (wood, paint, gypsum, melamine, plastics, metals and glass). This product is an excellent substitute to TSP (TriSodium Phosphate), which is an important source of phosphate, a harmful product to lakes and waterways because it promotes the development of blue algae and other withering organisms.


Mix 100ml of TSP to 4 to 5 liters of hot water. Clean the surface with the diluted solution using a sponge or a rag. Allow to dry. The surface is then ready to be painted. It is not necessary to start painting immediately.


950 sq ft per 500ml of TSP (at recommended dilution)


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