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Strong Glue of Cabinetmaking

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Strong Glue of Cabinetmaking

Strong Glue of Cabinetmaking is suitable for gluing furniture, chairs, interior woodwork, veneer.

Strong Glue of Cabinetmaking is made from animal protein entirely biodegradable, it has a very strong grip. and has taken ultra rapid cooling. To lengthen the setting time, preheat the woods.

Strong Glue of Cabinetmaking does not stain the wood is it of Cabinetmakingis reversible hot, applying a hot iron on the wood to remove the assembly. Strong Glue of Cabinetmaking gels upon application, and can work on thick joints and catch a game in a large assembly (repair of old chairs). Strong Glue of Cabinetmaking can be used many times. The gel forms again after each use, long-life.


Heat in water bath at 70 ° C maximum Apply hot glue. Maintaining contact assembly, sticks by a slight tightening.


Animal glue mixed: Skin and Bones.

Sizes: 300 g

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