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Protector for LOFT polished concrete - Shower

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Protector for Loft Polished Concrete – Shower protects surfaces from water and stains with a non-skid, washable, clear, satin finish. It is a must for protecting walls, floors and shower surfaces coated with Loft Polished Concrete.

The Protector will slightly diminish the effect of the polished concrete finish.

Do not use on PVC shower stalls.


Use a roller appropriate for lacquer applications. Dilute the first coat with 25% water. Always start with the area receiving the most light. Do not overload the roller. Apply quickly and steadily in a criss-cross pattern in an approximately 1 by 2m² (10ft by 20 ft) area and smooth in the direction of the light to avoid visible overlap marks. Let dry ±4 hours.

Apply a second coat of undiluted Protector with the roller and smooth immediately with a stainless steel float. Let dry another ±4 hours and repeat with a third coat.

Let dry for 24 hours before using the shower or allowing water to contact the treated surface.


Use non-abrasive cleaning products we recommand ecofriendly black soap. Reapply a coat of undiluted Protector every year.

Size: 1 litre bucket


Satin finish


Coverage: 1L = ±10m² (105 pi2)

Use interior only 

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