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Wood finishing oils and eco friendly natural oils.

EVO Homefinishing offers a several product line of high quality natural oils for finishing and maintenance of interior and exterior woodwork. Natural’s oils are derived from plants. Also few products will composed resins and natural pigments, carefully selected and developed for a perfect finish and safe for environnement

Natural wooden oil - Ligna SOLO monocoat Ligna Pronto - monocoat colored oil Exteriai - Exterior wood oil Natural wooden oil - Ligna Bio-Supra monocoat Evo-Teinture - Penetrant stain for wood, natural oil base Original wood environement by Blanchon
Ligna SOLO monocoat -
Floor oil
Ligna PRONTO -
Wall, funiture, woodwork oil
Ligna Exteria -
Exterior wood oil
Bio-Supra Evo-Teinture - Penetrant stain
natural oil base
Original wood environment
- Blanchon

Huile abrasin ou de tung

Double boiled pale Linseed Oil

Hemp oil    

Pure tung oil

Double boiled Linseed oil Hemp oil