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Waxes products

With its natural wax base, wax nourishes and shines furniture, wood floors and woodwork. Gives untreated wood an attractive mellow sheen.

Cire liquide des anciens ébénistes Srayshine - Wood maintenance Buffing wax Furniture wax - Homestead House
Carbamex wax liquid wax Spayshine Buffing Wax Furniture wax colorless
Cire Antiquaire pour patine - Homestead House White wax - Homestead House White beeswax in pearl Carnauba wax flakes
Antique wax White wax Pure beeswax finishing White beeswax
in pearl
Carnauba was flakes
Wax remover      
Beeswax stick Wax remover      

If you wanna see more products of wax, visit the french section. All products will are available in english, soon.

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