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Ligna Pronto - Monocoat oil for wooden wall, furniture, woodwork

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Ligna Pronto - Monocoat oil for wooden wall, furniture, woodwork

The natural oil PRONTO provides an excellent resistance to abrasion and do not create any surface film. Thanks to its penetrating capacity, PRONTO nourishes the wood and protects it against water marks and other spots. PRONTO allows touch up without sanding or stripping to refresh the finish.

Uses :
PRONTO can be used on any new or stripped wood surface : furnitures, walls, ceilings, moldings.

Wall room finish by Pronto - Evo home finishing Preparation:
Before application, mix the product with a stick. Sand the wood with a grade 100-120 sand paper. Remove dust with a vacuum or a tack rag. Don’t use a moisten cloth. Keep Pronto at a temperature over 15 °C.

Directions for harder woods (maple, exotic woods): Moisten the wood with a floor mop or a wet cloth. When the surface is completely dry (approx 2 hours), sand gently with a grade 220 sand paper to « break » the fiber of the wood. Eliminate dust thoroughly.

Application :
Apply a thin coat with an applicator pad, a microfibre applicator or a lambskin. Make sure you spread the oil correctly for not to create an overtickness of oil. After 10-15 minutes, wipe the oil in the trend of the wood structure and scrub to help the penetration of PRONTO and to wipe off any excess of oil.

After 6 to 9 hours:
Moderate, careful use. Optional: Apply second coat for add better protection, dark color and increase the luster

After 2-3 days : usual use

After 10 days : Cleaning Solia soap.

Refresh: Apply another coat after 8 to 15 years.

**For know how used, read technical datasheet. Clic below.

Technical sheet Ligna Pronto - Evo home finishing 


170 à 300 sq ft / liter depending on the density of wood.

**For more precision consult the ligna coverage chart by wood type. Clic below.

Surface cover by Ligna oil

Conservation : 2-3 years in an air tight container, in a dry and not overheated room.

Shenn: Satin matt

VOCs: 432 g/litre

Provenance: Italia

Dilution and tools cleaning :  Citrus solvent or Iso-Diluent


250 ml / 946 ml / 3,78 L

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