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Carnauba wax flakes

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Carnauba wax is a vegetal wax, often it is mixed with other waxes to make them harder, such as beeswax for Encaustic painting. It can also be mixed with beeswax to create high quality floor and furniture wax. Our Carnauba Wax Flakes are a pale yellow, taken from young leaves of the Fan Palm to produce the highest quality.

Carnauba wax flakesCarnauba, the hardest natural wax available is brittle, non-tacky and lustrous with a melting point of 182 degrees. Is it used  for liquid and paste waxes, where its luster, toughness and wear resistance is highly desirable. It is also used in film coatings, and as a polish for pills, candies, and fruit.

Example for use:

For create an encaustique for your furniture with a carnauba wax. Used 50 g de Carnauba wax combined with a 100 gr the flake beeswax and 450 ml the citrus solvent. For adding a color touch and the patina you can incorpored the earths pigments

Composition: Vegetal wax

Sizes: 125 g / 250 g / 500 g / 1 Kg

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