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Antiquing Stain

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This product was discontinued

Antiquing StainWith its U.V. resistant natural colorant, the Antiquing stain is ideal for restoring or copying antique furniture. For interior and exterior use on all untreated or stripped wood. Do not use on varnished, waxed, preservative or plastic coated wood.


Wood must be clean, dry and free of grease. Wear gloves.


Shake the tin prior to use. Apply the Antiquing stain liberally and evenly using Woodworker's Polishing cotton or a paintbrush. Wipe over the Antiquing stain with Woodworker's polishing cotton before it dries so as to obtain an even colour. If colour is missing from one area, or for repairs, apply the dye liberally to the area to be matched up and then wipe over. Leave to dry for 30 min. and then rub down the surface using No. 000 steel wool Les Anciens ebénistes.


Sealer, wax, varnish, preservative, oils or plastic coating etc.


450 ml (covers Aprx 70 sq ft)  / 5 L (covers Aprx 780 sq ft)

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